Complimentary Fitness Services

Duke Center for Living at Fearrington offers our members a number of specialized, complimentary services designed to enhance your fitness experience.  These services provide you with the resources and information essential to a successful exercise program.

Each one-on-one appointment is conducted by an Exercise Physiologist and incorporates your own goals, interests and needs.  We encourage each member to take advantage of these services.

NEW! Small Group Exercise Orientation

This appointment is a brief introduction to the recommended exercise guidelines for cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility. With a few other members and an Exercise Physiologist, you’ll make your way around the fitness center to learn how to safely operate various pieces of equipment and have time to ask questions.

The services below are temporarily unavailable.
We are looking forward to offering these services again in the future.

Fitness Assessment – New Member

This initial Fitness Assessment includes a series of fitness tests that help determine your current fitness level and provides a baseline with which to chart your progress.  The assessment covers all the components of fitness, including: body composition, cardiopulmonary fitness, muscular strength, and flexibility.  The results are used by the Exercise Physiologist to develop a customized plan for your Exercise Orientation.

Exercise Orientation – New Member

Exercise Orientation usually follows the Fitness Assessment and will provide you with a general introduction to the equipment in our center and identify those best suited for your personalized exercise regimen. You will receive hands-on demonstrations of how to properly and safely operate the equipment and how best to achieve your personal fitness goals. The orientation will include strength training, cardiovascular exercise and flexibility.

Re-Assessment – Established Member

The Re-Assessment should occur every 5-6 months as a follow-up to your original Fitness Assessment.  By repeating the same tests from your previous assessment, this appointment will help you track your progress towards your goals.  It is also a time to identify new goals and discuss adjustments to your current program.

Program Evaluation – Established Member

During the Program Evaluation, the Exercise Physiologist will help you re-assess your personal fitness program, review and adjust current exercises, incorporate new goals and discuss suggestions that will enhance your progress.  It is recommended that you schedule a Program Evaluation every 3 to 4 months.

Balance Assessment – All Members

Sign up at the Fitness Desk to receive a complimentary balance assessment at a time that is convenient to you. A series of tests based on functional tasks are used to determine relative fall risk.

For further information about these complimentary fitness services or to schedule an appointment, please see any of our Exercise Physiologists or call 919-545-2133.

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