We are only as great as our members!
Every month we recognize one or two of the many unique, friendly, and hard-working individuals who are choosing to make their wellness a priority at the Duke Center for Living at Fearrington.

March 2018-Jeff Derecki and Eileen McCorry

Jeff was born in New Jersey and went to Duke for his Bachelor’s. He was the Art Director at Scholastic, Inc until his retirement. Eileen was born in Queens, and earned two post-graduate degrees, an MAT from Brown University which led her to teach high school English for 7 years, and an MBA from Columbia University. With the latter, she spent 30 years in pharmaceutical marketing and education. The two met over Memorial Day weekend of 1988 in the Hamptons at a cocktail party. They hit it off and in 1993 got married in New York City.

During their remaining years in NY, they enjoyed a second home in the northern Catskills where they could ski and snowshoe in the winter, and hike, bike and garden throughout the rest of the year. Jeff was previously a long-distance competitive runner, competing in the 1978 NYC marathon, 18 other marathons, and 150 shorter races. Eileen has participated in exercise programs at various gyms over the years, and has always remained active.

Jeff and Eileen moved to Fearrington in early 2017 and shortly after joined DCFL. Jeff wanted to continue his rehab from spine surgery a few years back and Eileen wanted a facility that met their needs as aging adults. For cardio, they both walk either outside on the trails or on the treadmill, and also use the bikes. They both use the Keiser machines for strength training. Jeff also likes to do kickboard laps and water running in the pool. He has found exercise beneficial in building strength in the left leg that experienced nerve damage, and he is motivated by increased confidence while performing recreational activities such as walking and golfing. Eileen finds benefit from stronger bones and an improved metabolism, and is motivated to maintain her fitness level as she ages.

They would recommend DCFL to others for various reasons. Jeff would recommend DCFL to increase physical self confidence in the later years. Eileen recommends DCFL for the professional qualifications of the staff. The staff understands the needs and limitations of an older population and can specifically design programs for them. DCFL also has great equipment and overall ambience– no clanking of heavy weights, grunts or groans here!

February 2018-Priya Jain

“Modern life is a centrifuge; it throws people in every direction and I’m no exception,” Priya says.

Born and raised in India, she moved to California 22 years ago. She has a Master’s degree in Economics and a diploma in Computer Programming. She intermittently worked various jobs before settling down to work as a teacher for 15 years in Orange County.

In 2014, Priya and her husband came to NC for home hunting after retirement. After a long search, they fell in love with the tranquil and beautiful Fearrington Village, and made their final move in 2016.

Priya joined DCFL after learning she would need a knee replacement due to earlyarthritis. Her surgeon suggested she develop more strength and lose weight to assist with recovery post-surgery. While she had exercised before, she fell off the wagon around 2011 and had been inactive for a couple years. After doing some research, she concluded that she had no choice but to tweak her entire lifestyle, and is so glad she did! Priya joined DCFL and has been a member for 8 months.

Priya tries to workout every day, and does so for 70+ minutes. For cardio, she does the elliptical and bike for 20 minutes each. She finds cardio very beneficial for toning and is also a great warm-up for strength training, which she does on various machines and TRX. She finds herself really inclined toward TRX, as it is a complete workout involving all muscles, works on core, and improves balance, stability and flexibility.

Priya is motivated to continue by the results she continues to see, stating that she has seen a big “return on investment” from all of her hard work!

DCFL helped Priya jump-start a plan and continue her exercise program. Priya says she will definitely recommend DCFL to others. The friendly and well- trained staff and instructors, no-pressure atmosphere, variety of machines and programs/classes are great. It doesn’t feel cold and unfriendly like some giant facilities, and they take hygiene seriously! One of the biggest factors for her is the proximity to home. No matter how tired or busy you man be, one can always find time to hit the gym, nothing lost (except a few ounces, and they’re well worth it.)

January 2018-Gloria Scheiner

Gloria raised her children Jac, Adam and Elana on Shongum Lake in NJ. Those days were busy with her career as a Learning Consultant and degree in Counseling. Gloria and her family were well known in the community because of their children’s orchestra participation. All of her children now have careers in medicine. She is very proud of them!

Gloria was never physically active growing up, and did not learn to swim or ride a bike until she was 22 years old. Once she experienced how exercise made such a difference in her life, it became her best friend. Gloria became a member of DCFL when she moved to Galloway with her fiancé Leo in August 2017. She comes to DCFL every morning by 9am to walk on the treadmill and get ready to meet the day. She comes again around 7pm to promise her a good night’s sleep. She usually brings some reading with her and gets that done during her 2 mile treadmill walks. At almost 82 years old, she has also found that swimming has been the gift that keeps giving in terms of using the entire body.

What motivates her to continue? At one time she was bedridden by Arthritis. Once in remission, she was determined to do whatever it took to keep her body moving. She knows what it is like to be stiff and tired every day, and knows what it feels like to have energy. Feeling energized and sleeping well are what motivates her.

DCFL has motivated Gloria to expand her exercise regimen to include classes she never would have tried. They are fun with great instructors! DCFL is a very happy place that she would recommend to those who want to keep up with their regular routines and those looking for something new.

Her advice? Don’t wait– Later is now! This is the perfect place to use your time wisely in 2018.