We are only as great as our members!
Every month we recognize one or two of the many unique, friendly, and hard-working individuals who are choosing to make their wellness a priority at the Duke Center for Living at Fearrington.

February 2019- David Chapman

David grew up in Southern California. He went to Oregon State for his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Agronomy. He spent a few years working at NASA on a human centrifuge project to assess the affects of gravity on the vestibular system. He once spent 5 days in a centrifuge about 75 feet in diameter. Aside from getting sick, he said it was not so bad!

In 1970 David accepted a position at the University of Pennsylvania in the biology department researching how gravity affects plants. While at UPenn he earned his MBA online from Oregon. After leaving UPenn, David worked 8 years at the Kennedy Space Center before retiring with his wife to Fearrington Village in 2002.

In his free time, David likes to play golf. He also enjoys taking photographs and playing cards.

For his workout, David does a lot of walking, which he says is relatively easy for him and functionally important. He also does some strength training on the Keiser and Cybex machines. He listens to music during his workouts so he does not get bored, and he loves how good it feels when he is finished!

David likes DCFL especially for the track. He has been with DCFL since the beginning in 2005, and would recommend the facility because it is first class and the people are willing to help you with what you want to do and are always there to make sure you are safe and correct in your movements.

January 2019- Lib Delery

Lib grew up in Eastern North Carolina. In her youth, she played tennis and loved her physical education (P.E.) classes. While in high school, she taught P.E. to children with special needs at summer camp. She went to college in Greensboro before moving to New Orleans. In New Orleans, Lib taught P.E. and became head of the department at Tulane University. In her 39 years there, she also organized the Women’s athletic department they have today.

Lib retired from Tulane at age 59, shortly before hurricane Katrina hit. Her husband Gus’ job, as well as their children, encouraged them to move to NC where they soon found Fearrington and Galloway Ridge. Their 2 children are still within close proximity, for which Lib is very grateful.

Lib joined DCFL when she moved into Galloway Ridge eight years ago. She currently comes in about four times per week to work with Kayla. She enjoys talking and working with Kayla because the workout is well prepared and explained well. She tells everyone that coming to DCFL is the highlight of her day!  Lib likes to stay on her feet, which motivates her to commit to her exercise program. She knows that working out at DCFL has helped her be able to keep doing the things she enjoys. She would recommend DCFL to others because the staff is well qualified and there are programs to meet the needs of each individual.