We are only as great as our members!
Every month we recognize one or two of the many unique, friendly, and hard-working individuals who are choosing to make their wellness a priority at the Duke Center for Living at Fearrington.

March 2020- Ann Arrowood & Randy McDonald

Over 12 years ago, Ann saw a picture of DCFL’s pool in Chapel Hill magazine and decided to take a tour. She loved the facility and joined, bringing Randy on board a little after. They have been members ever since! Throughout the week they do a few different workouts and some yoga. Two evenings a week they take the Core/Total Body Strength class followed by cycle. They have had many evening instructors over the years, and are thankful for them all! Both now retired, Ann enjoys gardening, hiking, reading, and volunteering at the Botanical Garden while Randy does metalworking, woodworking, building and landscaping around their property, and volunteering with Chatham Habitat. They both enjoy traveling in their Airstream, hiking the NC mountains, visiting the beaches, and boating and fishing at the coast. Ann and Randy believe staying healthy requires being fit. Staying fit enables them to continue doing activities they enjoy! DCFL helps them stay strong and well both in body and mind. They praise the wonderful facility and staff to friends all the time. They are thankful for DCFL!

February 2020- Jane & Rodger Traynor

Jane and Rodger met almost 50 years ago as college freshmen in New England. They later lived in Miami for 40 years where they raised four children and Rodger practiced as a commercial litigator. They moved to Chapel Hill to follow grandchildren and chase better weather. They both love everything about life in North Carolina, especially their Souther Village lifestyle which they call moving “back to the future”. Soon after the move, they discovered DCFL where they particularly enjoy the Strong & Limber and Zumba classes, which they attend together. Rodger has taken up beekeeping, playing the ukulele, and volunteering with the Guardian Ad Litem program along with other charitable work with their local church. Jane enjoys quilting and entertaining guests, but most importantly, they cherish being with their little grandsons. Over time, new friends and physical strength have been the results of attending DCFL regularly, and they plan to continue seeking both for years to come.

January 2020- Margay Whitlock

Margay moved to Galloway Ridge from New York where she worked for 25 years doing every aspect of theater. Afterwards, she went back to school and became a Lutheran Minister for the next 25 years. Now that she is retired, she is better able to pursue her passion for world travel; her goal is to visit 100 countries in her lifetime. So far, her favorite country has been New Zealand. Margay moved to Galloway Ridge in February of 2019 and says having DCFL in such close proximity was a big factor in choosing Galloway Ridge as her home. For her workouts, she alternates walking in the pool, walking on the track, and uses the Keiser machines. She also enjoys getting competitive with challenges like “Planksgiving” and the “12 Days of Wellness.” Chair yoga has also quickly become a favorite way to exercise and thinks it is perfect for people who prefer to stay off the floor. Margay stays motivated by continuing to improve her heart health. Thanks to the excellent care from her Duke Cardiologist, she has been able to stay out of Atrial Fibrillation and plans to keep it that way. She loves the pool, the trainers, and the convenience that DCFL has to offer.

November 2019- Betsy Burmudez

Betsy grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, and attended college in Boston, MA. She worked at UNC in the Anatomy Department and then ran a pathology lab conducting toxicology research for 32 years at The Hamner Institute (formerly CIIT Centers for Health Research). Once her kids were grown, she pursued a dream of hers and went back to school to earn her Masters in Teaching. She retired from the lab to teach first grade and kindergarten for six years until she retired a second time. Now, Betsy prefers to spend her time volunteering, tutoring, substitute teaching, quilting, enjoying the outdoors, and traveling.

Once she retired the second time, Betsy joined DCFL and enjoys attending water aerobics three times a week. She loves to sing and exercise along to the music all the way through the classes. Recently, she has added a 45-60 minute walk to her regimen, which has really helped with her weight loss goals and has helped her prepare to participate in the Chatham County Alzheimer’s 5K. Her other favorite classes include Strong & Limber and Fully Body Stretch. Since coming to DCFL she has lost weight, has a lower resting heart rate, and has more energy for other activities after a good workout. Betsy thoroughly enjoys the community feel at DCFL and looks forward to seeing her friends in classes.

October 2019- Wendy Penke

Wendy grew up and lived outside of Buffalo, NY, and worked as a nurse for over 25 years. She and her husband raised 3 kids: Nicole, Tara, and Todd. Wendy moved south about 10 years ago, partly to escape the cloudy, overcast skies and get some North Carolina sunshine! Now with her fourth grandchild on the way, Wendy has been working hard to stay in shape to keep up with the grandkids. She loves to cycle and has seen great health improvements by coming to DCFL at least three times a week. By working hard before and after a total knee replacement, she was cleared to return to cycling in only six weeks. Wendy keeps her mood elevated and the endorphins flowing to stay motivated. She also loves meeting new people and the strong sense of community that surrounds DCFL.

After a few months of regular exercise, Wendy started having some pain and issues with one of her legs. She decided to start personal training and with success, her symptoms are gone! She notes that improving the strength in her legs has helped tremendously with balance so she has experienced less falls. Wendy enjoys being a regular at DCFL and will continue to recommend the facility to anyone!

September 2019 – Carolyn Pendleberry

Carolyn was born and raised in New Jersey. Later in life, she moved to Long Island with her husband and children. Carolyn spent a lot of time with her kids until they started school and she went to work for Suffolk County. During her many years in Long Island, Carolyn was very active. She would walk to the super market, bank, and do errands all on foot with her backpack!

Three years ago, Carolyn moved down to Fearrington Village to stay with her son as she recovered from a spine surgery. Early last year, Carolyn started taking classes in Fearrington Village and DCFL to start getting active again. On her own, she was still a little unsure about the gym environment and wasn’t committed to much more than walking on the track. To help her do more, Carolyn started with Taylor as her personal trainer. Carolyn loved that Taylor found a routine that she enjoys without even having to tell her what she likes. She appreciates that each training session is different because it keeps exercise interesting. Carolyn has recently gotten more comfortable and confident exercising on her own by applying what she has learned from Taylor. Carolyn has been quite pleased with her time at DCFL and has kindly gone out of her way to recommend the facility to her friends in classes outside of DCFL.

August 2019- Peter Jones

Peter is originally from Greensboro, NC. About 10 years ago, his orthopedic specialist recommended exercise therapy to address issues with osteopenia. DCFL was highly recommended by Peter’s old housing director who was a member, and Peter has been at DCFL ever since! Peter enjoys puzzles, stringing beads, coloring, gardening, raking leaves, and working outside.

For his exercise program, Peter and his current trainer Taylor focus on strength training. He has often been heard singing and hitting the high notes around the DCFL fitness floor! He loves being in the water, and workouts in the pool are his favorite. Peter’s sister reports that he is in really good physical condition, and credits much of that to DCFL. Peter uses exercise to help with his overall well-being and to decrease anxiety. His sessions at DCFL help keep him healthy and happy in many ways! Peter and those close to him would recommend DCFL to others. The facility is beautiful and the staff are great. Peter has had a few different personal trainers, and they’ve all been wonderful and related to him well!

June 2019- Don Wylie

Don was born in Long Island, NY, where he grew up and lived for 90 years. He recently moved down to North Carolina to be closer to his daughter, Lynne, who works out at DCFL. His daughter Eileen has also recently joined them in NC and at DCFL. He is happy to have them both nearby!

Don is a World War II Veteran. He studied educational administration and business. He worked in the school system for many years, including several years as a principal.

Don has been a member at DCFL since just after he moved into Galloway Ridge, about 9 months ago. He came to the center with the hope of combatting muscle atrophy after surgery for a broken hip, and balance problems.

For his workout regimen, Don works out two times per week with Noelle and also has a home exercise program. Time with Noelle is the most beneficial and enjoyable to him because she makes sure that he does the exercises correctly, and she is always upbeat and cheerful. Her guidance and wanting to prevent muscle atrophy are what motivate Don to continue working hard.

DCFL has helped with Don’s overall wellbeing tremendously. He is getting stronger, has more endurance, and can perform certain daily activities with more ease. Don says that DCFL is the best equipped and staffed facility that he has ever seen!

May 2019- Bob and Barb Sydell

Bob is from Hartly, DE and grew up on the family poultry farm. After a brief stint in social work, he returned to his agricultural roots. Bob worked as the Poultry Production Manager for two companies over 36 years in various states.

Barb was born in Knoxville, TN, but lived in six different cities by age ten. She attended college in Maryville, TN and later did some graduate work in Psychology and Humanities. She worked in public welfare for TN and DE, at an IA Agency on Aging, and spent many years in social work at a senior high rise in PA.

Bob and Barb have always been fairly active, engaging in various activities such as yoga, tennis, hiking, golf and swimming. They joined DCFL when they moved to Pittsboro in 2016. They both think it is important to stay as active as possible as they age.

Bob used to road bike, but now keeps to the indoor spin bikes for safety. While a recent hip surgery slowed him a bit, he does upper body, the elliptical and other cardio 4-5 times per week. This helps with stamina and strength. Seth helped Bob develop an excellent exercise program to meet his needs.

Barb concentrates on cardio and bone strengthening 3-4 times per week. She created an excellent routine with help from Noelle. Barb also loves Kate’s Nia class! Movement to music is great for older brains.

Bob and Barb are very happy with DCFL. The space and equipment are superb. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. They love the educational and special classes that are offered. They highly recommend DCFL to all wishing to keep moving and aging gracefully!

April 2019- Suzanne Iwicki

Suzanne is originally from Reisterstown, MD. She attended Towson State University for her undergraduate degree. While at Towson, she worked for the athletic department and helped a few athletes who went on to the pros! She went on to UNC to earn her Master’s in Sports Medicine.

Suzanne worked at a pharmaceutical company for 30 years, during which she lived in various cities around the country including Roanoke, Memphis, Chapel Hill and Philadelphia. She retired 5 years ago and moved back down to this area to live in Briar Chapel. In her spare time, Suzanne likes to garden and volunteers at Ronald McDonald House.

Suzanne joined DCFL about 4 years ago because it is too hard and hot to workout outside in the summer and she likes the pool. She spends one hour on the treadmill 3-4 times per week and works out other days at home. The treadmill is useful because it keeps her going at a prescribed pace so she can’t “slow down and smell the flowers.”

Suzanne continues to workout because it keeps her feeling good overall and appreciates DCFL for the calm and welcoming atmosphere. She recommended her mother join the facility as well, and she did!

March 2019- Kathy Mohr

Kathy is from Pennsylvania. She earned her degree in combined sciences from the University of Pittsburgh. She stayed at Pitt after graduation, working and running biology labs for 10 years. In 1967 Kathy moved down to work at UNC, transporting an entire mouse colony in her station wagon. Kathy spent about 26 years at UNC, during which she ran two genetics labs and started their first human sperm bank. She retired in 2010.

In her spare time, Kathy enjoys hiking the Haw River trails, walking her dogs, tending to the chickens and gardening on her organic farm. Kathy used to go riding on her motorcycle, which she has switched out for biking these days. She also enjoys swimming. Kathy used to spend a lot of time around water at her old beach house, going out on her boat and water skiing.  Kathy joined DCFL about 7 years ago after hearing good things from others. She was previously a member of another health club, but after touring DCFL and seeing how spotless the facility was and how knowledgeable the staff were, she was sold!

Kathy is motivated to workout because she’s not getting any younger and as they say– use it or lose it! She attends aqua classes twice per week; the water is really good for her muscles. On land, she does machines and walks the track two times per week. Kathy trains once per week with Noelle to work on functional training so she can continue to work around her mini-farm. She also trains once per week with Kathleen on the Pilates Reformer. Kathleen is great about asking Kathy how she is feeling each week so they can target specific muscles or areas that might be giving her trouble.

Kathy would recommend DCFL to others and tells friends that along with it being a clean facility, everyone here is conscious of your problems and helps you work around them!

February 2019- David Chapman

David grew up in Southern California. He went to Oregon State for his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Agronomy. He spent a few years working at NASA on a human centrifuge project to assess the affects of gravity on the vestibular system. He once spent 5 days in a centrifuge about 75 feet in diameter. Aside from getting sick, he said it was not so bad!

In 1970 David accepted a position at the University of Pennsylvania in the biology department researching how gravity affects plants. While at UPenn he earned his MBA online from Oregon. After leaving UPenn, David worked 8 years at the Kennedy Space Center before retiring with his wife to Fearrington Village in 2002.

In his free time, David likes to play golf. He also enjoys taking photographs and playing cards.

For his workout, David does a lot of walking, which he says is relatively easy for him and functionally important. He also does some strength training on the Keiser and Cybex machines. He listens to music during his workouts so he does not get bored, and he loves how good it feels when he is finished!

David likes DCFL especially for the track. He has been with DCFL since the beginning in 2005, and would recommend the facility because it is first class and the people are willing to help you with what you want to do and are always there to make sure you are safe and correct in your movements.

January 2019- Lib Delery

Lib grew up in Eastern North Carolina. In her youth, she played tennis and loved her physical education (P.E.) classes. While in high school, she taught P.E. to children with special needs at summer camp. She went to college in Greensboro before moving to New Orleans. In New Orleans, Lib taught P.E. and became head of the department at Tulane University. In her 39 years there, she also organized the Women’s athletic department they have today.

Lib retired from Tulane at age 59, shortly before hurricane Katrina hit. Her husband Gus’ job, as well as their children, encouraged them to move to NC where they soon found Fearrington and Galloway Ridge. Their 2 children are still within close proximity, for which Lib is very grateful.

Lib joined DCFL when she moved into Galloway Ridge eight years ago. She currently comes in about four times per week to work with Kayla. She enjoys talking and working with Kayla because the workout is well prepared and explained well. She tells everyone that coming to DCFL is the highlight of her day!  Lib likes to stay on her feet, which motivates her to commit to her exercise program. She knows that working out at DCFL has helped her be able to keep doing the things she enjoys. She would recommend DCFL to others because the staff is well qualified and there are programs to meet the needs of each individual.