We are only as great as our members!
Every month we recognize one or two of the many unique, friendly, and hard-working individuals who are choosing to make their wellness a priority at the Duke Center for Living at Fearrington.

November 2018- June Keicher

June was born in North Carolina and raised in Atlanta. Her parents are from Chatham County and her grandparents owned Chester’s General Store in Pittsboro. She visited often and has always felt at home in Pittsboro.

June left Atlanta for St. Andrew’s College in 1973 and has been in NC ever since. She attended UNC Chapel Hill, UNC Greensboro, and Appalachian State for her BA and MA in Dance and Art. She taught high school art for 27 years in Siler City, and was top ten in the nation as a professional shag dancer! Dancing runs in the family. June’s parents were ballroom dancers and her daughter owns the 7 Dance Centre in Pittsboro.

June joined DCFL in 2017 when she found out she had breast cancer. She says DCFL saved her! During treatment, June’s doctors said she was their healthiest patient and attribute her successful recovery to her exercise regimen.

June does mostly weight-bearing exercises to keep her bones strong. Her workout consists of 1-2 miles on the indoor track and fun exercises with Taylor, her personal trainer. Exercising has provided June with the stamina to help her daughter with Princess and Fairy Camps and keep up with her grandchildren. Through exercise, she has more energy and is able to stay toned, look and feel good! While her favorite part of her workout is leaving, she appreciates walking into Justin’s smile (and others at Member Services) each day and that her workouts keep her emotionally stable and happy! She recommends DCFL whenever she can.

October 2018- Kay Little

Kay is originally from Pennsylvania. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Penn State and taught high school French for a few years. She then went on to earn her accounting degree from Slippery Rock University. an participation.

Kay has lived in Chapel Hill since 1984. She decided to join DCFL after retiring as Vice President of Finances from the American Board of Pediatrics in 2010. She joined to get in shape after spending her life sitting at a desk!

Kay exercises five to six days per week, for over an hour each day. She does 40 minutes on the elliptical, 15 minutes on the bicycle, and spends the rest of her time on the Keiser strength machines and stretching. She says it has all been helpful in strengthening her core and increasing her energy levels. Aging makes her fitness goals a moving target, but she continues to work hard each week! In her free time when she is not exercising hard at DCFL, Kay likes to travel, relax at the beach, and spend time with her family.

Kay enjoys coming to DCFL because of the super friendly and helpful staff, the cleanliness of the facility, and their many programs, which she says she needs to take more advantage of!

September 2018- Ruth Ann Burk

Ruth Ann grew up in Binghamton, NY. She went to SUNY Stony Brook for her Bachelor’s in Nursing and Master’s in Healthcare Administration. During her time as a nurse, she cared for HIV and oncology patients residing in the hospital. After her hospital days, she spent 30+ years as a Project Manager working on clinical research in the pharmaceutical industry. She continues to stay involved in clinical research as a member of an Institutional Review Board (IRB). IRBs are required by US law to review all research involving humans and ensure Federal guidelines are met prior to human participation.

Ruth Ann left NY for NC in 2009 so she could be close to her children who live in Apex. Presently, she and Jeremy Wainwright, who she says is the nicest man ever, reside in Fearrington Village along with 3 cats, a dog and a 25 year old African Grey parrot. Life in their home is never dull!

Ruth Ann loves to have fun. In her free time, she likes to garden, knit, tap dance, cook, and bake. She has a great recipe for a German plum tart.

Ruth and Jeremy joined DCFL last summer after years of training at a different gym. They joined to be a part of a very clean, well-equipped, and friendly fitness facility located close to home. DCFL offers a full program and hosts a caring community. The opportunity to learn, stay healthy, and be with friends is a bonus. She would definitely recommend DCFL to others!

For her workout routine, Ruth Ann completes 30 minute work-outs twice weekly with Heather and takes additional classes in Barre once or twice weekly. Barre is a rigorous class with great people, and loads of fun coupled with a lot of BURNING! Ruth Ann says that having scheduled classes and training keeps her returning, despite the desire on some days to play hooky.

After being diagnosed with osteoporosis 10 years ago, Ruth Ann has been motivated to continue exercising as a treatment for her condition and she no longer needs medication! Since working out with weights, her results have alternated between improving or remaining stable. Her positive results drive her to continue working out and stay off medication as long as she possibly can.

August 2018-Susan and Kevin Wolf

Susan was born in Columbus, OH, and grew up in Charlotte, NC.  She attended UNC Charlotte, where she earned her Communications degree. She worked several broadcasting and marketing jobs in the area. Her last and favorite position was Communications Director for UNC Chapel Hill Student Stores.

Kevin was born and raised near Gettysburg, PA, and graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a Journalism degree. He worked 33 years at WUNC Radio (including 17 years as the local Morning Edition host) as well as several decades as the anonymous voice between programs on the statewide UNC-TV network.  He retired 10 years ago to become Susan’s primary caregiver (chauffeur, wheelchair wrangler, “comic relief,” etc.). Susan and Kevin have been married 38 years.

Susan was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) in her mid-20s.  Her first rheumatologist told her, “Find an exercise you can do for the rest of your life, and start doing it!”  She chose lap swimming and has been hooked on it for over 30 years.

Susan joined DCFL in 2010 because the facilities are first class and safe for people with mobility issues. Also, the staff truly seem to care about the members. Susan tries to work out three times per week, doing a combination of walking, various exercises and laps in the pool.

Susan credits her pool time with “keeping her going,” physically and emotionally, through the pain and limitations of RA. Plus, she’s developed several close friendships over the years with fellow pool lovers. Her pool time lifts her spirits and keeps her attitude positive. After 20-plus surgeries over the years, she says she may be knocked down from time to time, but always gets up again.

Susan and Kevin both say DCFL is by far the best sports center/pool she’s belonged to. It’s clean, pleasant, safe and accessible, and has an attentive staff. You can’t find a better group of exercise enthusiasts to work out with!

July 2018-Robert Popchak

Robert is originally from Clairton, PA, and joined the U.S. Navy shortly after high school. He served 10 years on the surface and 10 years on submarines. After he retired from the Navy he lived in Naples, Italy. It was there that he met his lovely English lady, Amanda, who was teaching at the British Council.

Robert was a police officer at the Naval Submarine Base in Kings Bay, GA, until 1990, when he was accepted into the Foreign Service. During this time, Robert and Amanda lived in 10 different countries. While in Frankfurt, Germany, Bob conducted Operational Reviews in 70 countries over two years.

Bob describes his most challenging assignments as also the most rewarding. One was during the First Gulf War, when he worked with the Kuwaiti government-in-exile in the mountains of Saudi Arabia. Two years after the Soviet Union fell, he worked in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, as an Overseas Project Manager. He also worked on Secretary Colin Powell’s initiative to provide cryptographically covered internet access to our embassies and consulates worldwide. Bob usually chose the hard-to-fill, and dangerous posts, enjoying the mental and physical challenges.

Bob retired from the service in 2014. Bob and Amanda moved to Pittsboro almost four years ago. They love retirement on their small farm with their two horses and dog. The couple tried two other gyms but found DCFL the best overall gym in the area, by far. Bob says DCFL has everything they’ve ever wanted in a gym, from the very latest equipment and the fantastic salt-water pool and hot tub to professional, knowledgeable and caring exercise physiologists and staff. Amanda takes part in an open water 3.5 mile swim for charity every year and uses the pool for her training.

Bob especially enjoys the new Precor machines, which are amazing for high intensity, easy-on-the-joints workouts. He is no longer able to run, and says that the new AMTs are the closest he has come to running in years! In the last four months he has lost 25 lbs, and attributes this to advice from the fitness staff and to the new machines.

Amanda and Bob love challenges and learning new things. DCFL offers both, as well as the opportunity to interact socially with so many others. DCFL has become an active part of their lives, and they would highly recommend it to others who want to continue to challenge themselves mentally and physically for a successful and healthy lifestyle.

June 2018-Steve Barrett

Steve Barrett, 84, is a retired psychiatrist, medical editor, and consumer-protection activist. He has co-authored and/or edited 52 books and thousands of articles. He and his wife (Judy) moved here eleven years ago to be closer to their daughter and her family, who live in Chapel Hill.

Steve had been swimming laps and using a treadmill for many years. Around the time he moved to Chapel Hill, he noticed that it was hard for him to get up from sitting positions. He then joined DFCL and added strength-training to his fitness program. When he learned that the Chatham County Senior Games swim competition would take place in our pool, he registered. Being the only person in his age group, he won four of the five events he entered. (He got a toe cramp in the 200-meter freestyle.) His DFCL strength-training program and lessons from a coach at UNC improved his time enough to win two

breaststroke events at the 2008 North Carolina Senior Games finals. Inspired still further, he got more training and began competing regularly in both senior games and U. S. Masters Swimming events.

In April 2018, he won his 100th state championship title. He has also won 42 medals in national and international events. During the 2013 season, he became a world champion, winning his age group in the men’s 50-meter butterfly at the Huntsman World Senior Games. His current workout program includes swimming 30 minutes three or four-times a week, strength-training exercises twice a week, and

walking 3/4 mile around the track twice a week. He says the staff at DCFL are friendly and knowledgeable. He appreciates that the Keiser machines can be adjusted one air-pressure unit at a time, making them safer than machines at other gyms.

May 2018-Chris and Kara Bell

Chris was born in Ottowa, Canada and grew up in New York. He attended both College of Wooster and

Clark University before obtaining his law degree from Antioch School of Law in DC. During his career as an attorney, Chris was a member of the team that helped write the Americans with Disabilities Act. He has lived in various locations throughout the United States, including Florida and most recently Minnesota. The cold weather in Minnesota and the fact that his father and other family live here helped influence his decision to move to North Carolina in November.

Kara is a four-year-old yellow lab and a graduate of Guiding Eyes for the Blind’s special needs program. Kara and Chris have been together for two years.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys reading three newspapers every day and the occasional mystery or thriller novel. Kara loves to chew on Nylabo-nes and play with her cousin Sophie, who is a guide dog for Chris’ wife.

Chris joined DCFL at the beginning of January, after searching for a place that would meet his needs. He works out three times per week, mostly with Jamie. He spends a lot of time on the NuStep and on various weight machines. His favorite is the leg press, because he can push a lot of weight and it makes him feel really strong! Kara spends her time at DCFL hanging out behind the Fitness Desk and being admired by all who pass her by. Kara appreciates that the Fitness Staff have given her a blanket that is all hers! She also enjoys the occasional belly rub and head scratch the exercise physiologists hand out from time to time.

Chris is motivated to workout by his 96-year-old father, who has always exercised, and because he always feels better when he does. He would recommend DCFL to others because it is important to work on cardio and strength to live a longer and healthier life. Also, the trainers here really know how to work with older adults and prescribe exercises to keep them healthy and safe.

April 2018-Ellen May Moore

Ellen May, or “Ellemay,” grew up on the island of Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands, surrounded by beautiful crystal blue waters. Always swimming, she describers herself as an aquatic soul and part fish!

Her father was a rocket scientist on Kwajalein for 17 years before they moved to Massachusetts, where she finished high school and attended the University of Massachusetts for college. She continued to swim throughout college, then began swimming in outdoor pools during the summers. Ellemay is currently a medical scribe for an orthopedic surgeon. On weekends she is a contemporary worship leader who plays guitar and ukulele and sings.

After many years of mixed success with exercise and dieting, in February 2017 everything changed. Ellemay says she stopped focusing on the numbers and just went for it, swimming almost daily at the beginning and keeping to a vegetarian diet. Swimming laps turned into miles and she swam away her high numbers!

She considers her workouts a part-time job, coming five days per week and taking weekends off. On three of those days, she swims two miles each day. The other two days of the week she does her “land battle,” which includes a combination of cardiovascular equipment: the Airdyne, rowing machine, arm bike and NuStep. She also does some light weight strength training.

While she is now close to her goal numbers, Ellemay is continuously motivated by the smiling faces and encouragement from fellow members and staff at DCFL! DCFL is not just a place to workout, but a home away from home. The thoughtfulness of the staff makes her feel so welcome and makes it feel like we are all a team! Being surrounded by others who are supportive allows her to focus on getting through her workout. Ellemay describes DCFL as a top notch facility where the staff is knowledgeable, helpful, encouraging and supportive. They provide excellent communication and allow those in battle an arena to get the job done. Ellemay says that if you see her, please stop, say hello and share your story! “We are all on the same team,” she says, and “to battle we go together!”

March 2018-Jeff Derecki and Eileen McCorry

Jeff was born in New Jersey and went to Duke for his Bachelor’s. He was the Art Director at Scholastic, Inc until his retirement. Eileen was born in Queens, and earned two post-graduate degrees, an MAT from Brown University which led her to teach high school English for 7 years, and an MBA from Columbia University. With the latter, she spent 30 years in pharmaceutical marketing and education. The two met over Memorial Day weekend of 1988 in the Hamptons at a cocktail party. They hit it off and in 1993 got married in New York City.

During their remaining years in NY, they enjoyed a second home in the northern Catskills where they could ski and snowshoe in the winter, and hike, bike and garden throughout the rest of the year. Jeff was previously a long-distance competitive runner, competing in the 1978 NYC marathon, 18 other marathons, and 150 shorter races. Eileen has participated in exercise programs at various gyms over the years, and has always remained active.

Jeff and Eileen moved to Fearrington in early 2017 and shortly after joined DCFL. Jeff wanted to continue his rehab from spine surgery a few years back and Eileen wanted a facility that met their needs as aging adults. For cardio, they both walk either outside on the trails or on the treadmill, and also use the bikes. They both use the Keiser machines for strength training. Jeff also likes to do kickboard laps and water running in the pool. He has found exercise beneficial in building strength in the left leg that experienced nerve damage, and he is motivated by increased confidence while performing recreational activities such as walking and golfing. Eileen finds benefit from stronger bones and an improved metabolism, and is motivated to maintain her fitness level as she ages.

They would recommend DCFL to others for various reasons. Jeff would recommend DCFL to increase physical self confidence in the later years. Eileen recommends DCFL for the professional qualifications of the staff. The staff understands the needs and limitations of an older population and can specifically design programs for them. DCFL also has great equipment and overall ambience– no clanking of heavy weights, grunts or groans here!

February 2018-Priya Jain

“Modern life is a centrifuge; it throws people in every direction and I’m no exception,” Priya says.

Born and raised in India, she moved to California 22 years ago. She has a Master’s degree in Economics and a diploma in Computer Programming. She intermittently worked various jobs before settling down to work as a teacher for 15 years in Orange County.

In 2014, Priya and her husband came to NC for home hunting after retirement. After a long search, they fell in love with the tranquil and beautiful Fearrington Village, and made their final move in 2016.

Priya joined DCFL after learning she would need a knee replacement due to earlyarthritis. Her surgeon suggested she develop more strength and lose weight to assist with recovery post-surgery. While she had exercised before, she fell off the wagon around 2011 and had been inactive for a couple years. After doing some research, she concluded that she had no choice but to tweak her entire lifestyle, and is so glad she did! Priya joined DCFL and has been a member for 8 months.

Priya tries to workout every day, and does so for 70+ minutes. For cardio, she does the elliptical and bike for 20 minutes each. She finds cardio very beneficial for toning and is also a great warm-up for strength training, which she does on various machines and TRX. She finds herself really inclined toward TRX, as it is a complete workout involving all muscles, works on core, and improves balance, stability and flexibility.

Priya is motivated to continue by the results she continues to see, stating that she has seen a big “return on investment” from all of her hard work!

DCFL helped Priya jump-start a plan and continue her exercise program. Priya says she will definitely recommend DCFL to others. The friendly and well- trained staff and instructors, no-pressure atmosphere, variety of machines and programs/classes are great. It doesn’t feel cold and unfriendly like some giant facilities, and they take hygiene seriously! One of the biggest factors for her is the proximity to home. No matter how tired or busy you man be, one can always find time to hit the gym, nothing lost (except a few ounces, and they’re well worth it.)

January 2018-Gloria Scheiner

Gloria raised her children Jac, Adam and Elana on Shongum Lake in NJ. Those days were busy with her career as a Learning Consultant and degree in Counseling. Gloria and her family were well known in the community because of their children’s orchestra participation. All of her children now have careers in medicine. She is very proud of them!

Gloria was never physically active growing up, and did not learn to swim or ride a bike until she was 22 years old. Once she experienced how exercise made such a difference in her life, it became her best friend. Gloria became a member of DCFL when she moved to Galloway with her fiancé Leo in August 2017. She comes to DCFL every morning by 9am to walk on the treadmill and get ready to meet the day. She comes again around 7pm to promise her a good night’s sleep. She usually brings some reading with her and gets that done during her 2 mile treadmill walks. At almost 82 years old, she has also found that swimming has been the gift that keeps giving in terms of using the entire body.

What motivates her to continue? At one time she was bedridden by Arthritis. Once in remission, she was determined to do whatever it took to keep her body moving. She knows what it is like to be stiff and tired every day, and knows what it feels like to have energy. Feeling energized and sleeping well are what motivates her.

DCFL has motivated Gloria to expand her exercise regimen to include classes she never would have tried. They are fun with great instructors! DCFL is a very happy place that she would recommend to those who want to keep up with their regular routines and those looking for something new.

Her advice? Don’t wait– Later is now! This is the perfect place to use your time wisely in 2018.

December 2017-Mary Lucas

A native to North Carolina, Mary graduated from Duke in 1964. Post-graduation, she spent some time working in London before returning to
the U.S. to work for the government in D.C. In the next few years she tried other opportunities in Atlanta, NYC, and Italy before completing the circle and returning to NC in 1981.

Mary went back to school for Physical Therapy, earning her B.S. from UNC in 1989. Finding her niche, she worked in hospital, outpatient, and home health settings before retiring in 2004. Mary has practiced yoga for years and has a certification from Integral Yoga. Although she doesn’t practice asanas as often as she used to, she remains committed to many yoga principles: Listen to your body; If it hurts, don’t do it; Use it or lose it; and Practice daily on and off the mat.

Mary’s husband Ken joined DCFL in 2006, but she stayed with her old gym because she “didn’t want to be with all those old folks.” Well, she finally realized that she was one of those old folks, and joined DCFL in 2007. Mary immediately noticed how much more welcoming DCFL members are than members of other gyms and saw the quality of the staff and facility. She dove right into various activities with joy and has been having fun ever since.

Mary’s workout routine consists of a firm commitment to early mornings on M/W/F, starting with a 2 mile walk/jog on the track followed by Strong & Limber. Since moving to Galloway Ridge, she attends other classes as time permits. Her favorites are Power Flow, TRX classes, and Full Body Stretch. She enjoys the hot tub as well. Mary has raved about DCFL to friends for years, in fact DCFL was a deciding factor in Ken’s and her decision to move to Galloway Ridge. In her opinion, DCFL is far superior to the exercise facilities at other local retirement communities. Recently, Mary earned a massage for referring a friend. Now massage is another favorite.

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November 2017-Annie Weinreich

My name is Annie Weinreich. I was born and raised in Washington, DC and have been married to my hubby, Bill, for 52 years. We have two daughters and sons-in-law, as well as four grand kiddos. I am a retired Counseling Psychologist, and worked with newly blinded adults.

Bill and I have lived all over the country. We moved from Texas to Governors Club in 2001, and then to Galloway Ridge in March of 2016. DCFL was definitely a huge bonus! I immediately started working with Exercise Physiologist Jamie Lewis three times a week for 30 minutes per session. We work a lot on balance, which is one of my major problems, as well as core strength. I enjoy it because I can tell how far I have progressed. However, I still have a long way to go.

What motivates me to continue? Jamie himself! I love or hate him, depending on how heavy the kettlebells are that day! We laugh a lot which makes the work fly by, and I almost always look forward to the next session! I highly recommend DCFL to others, whether they are young people, or not so young people, to maintain or regain health and well being. As we age, it gets harder and takes more work, but with the excellent facilities, staff, and classes, DCFL can help us reach our goals.

October 2017 – Shirley Moore Perry

Twenty years ago, as a widow, I moved to Fearrington Village from Ohio. Two years later I met and married a widower, James Perry, from Illinois who graduated from Duke School of Law and returned here after retirement. In Ohio, I was a “stay at home mom”and an active community volunteer.  In my generation (I am 90 years old) being a stay at home mom was the norm although I had a Bachelor of Arts degree from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. My DCFL membership began when the doors opened in 2005. Throughout my life I always enjoyed physical activity especially tennis and daily long walks. To have this excellent facility in the village was perfect to replace the one to which I belonged in Chapel Hill.

My workout routine is 5 or 6 days a week for 30 to 45 minutes on the Nu-Step and 30 to 45 minutes water walking and other water exercises. My motivation to continue my exercise regimen is to retain mobility. It is the best solution for dealing with my arthritic issues instead of using a wheelchair. My physicians congratulate me on maintaining my exercise routine and feel it has added to my good health and longevity.

No matter what your age, DCFL wellness center provides a comfortable atmosphere to maintain your health. I highly recommend a membership. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and provide helpful instruction tailored to your specific physical needs. In addition, as an older adult, an unexpected additional benefit turned out to be the sociability of belonging to DCFL.

September 2017 – Bonnie Helms

Bonnie spent 30 years of her life in Manhattan, holding positions in film production, the Office of the Mayor, Big Apple Circus, and Carnegie Hall. In 1997, she and her husband Skip Pohl moved to Pacific Palisades, California, where Bonnie served as a consultant to numerous cultural organizations across the United States.

Bonnie and Skip travel extensively, and in her spare time, Bonnie enjoys playing the piano and reading. With retirement upon them, Bonnie and Skip decided to move to NC in 2014. She originally fell in love with the area while at Duke for Graduate School almost 50 years prior.

They found Galloway Ridge, and now call it home. Living here, Bonnie is involved with special event programming, the library, the film seminar, and outside activities such as volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity and the Chatham Literacy Council.

Bonnie joined DCFL after moving into Galloway, and spends a lot of time here, totaling up to a couple hours, 5 days per week! Most of this time is spent doing Pilates with Kathleen, swimming, and other strength and stretching exercises on land. She has a hard time missing a day, as exercise helps so much with her flexibility, strength, and balance.

Bonnie often recommends friends in Galloway become active at DCFL. It has excellent facilities and an outstanding staff ready to help at anytime! Also, working out at DCFL helped make her strong enough to pick-up the Taj Mahal!

August 2017 – Jim Anderson

Jim is originally from Ohio. He attended the United States Military Academy at West Point from 1952- 1956. Upon graduation, he was commissioned into Infantry and served in the Army for 42 years. During this time, he was awarded the Ranger Tab and commanded an Army Ranger Company. He served in Vietnam twice and was given several awards, including the Combat Infantry Badge, a Purple Heart, and more. In 1970 he led an Air Mobile Battalion into Cambodia to capture their supply caches. Upon returning home, he served in the Pentagon to help develop the All Volunteer Army. Jim then went back to school to earn his PhD from Indiana University and returned to West Point as a Professor and Department Head for 24 years before retiring in 1997.

After his retirement from West Point, Jim and his wife Joyce moved to Governors Club and formed a company, “JLA Leadership Consulting”, to help organizations develop “Leaders of Character”. He has spent the last 8 years teaching at the Lincoln Leadership Institute at Gettysburg, where he uses the Gettysburg battlefield as the classroom. In May of this year, he and his wife moved to Carolina Meadows. Jim and Joyce have been married 61 years.

Alongside his son who is also a West Point graduate, Jim published a book, “Becoming a Leader of Character: Six Habits that Make or Break a Leader at Work and at Home,” which Amazon reports is a best seller.

Jim joined DCFL while serving on the Board of Directors at Galloway Ridge. He walks on the track about three days per week and does light strength training. He is motivated to maintain good health at 84 and says his doctor is quite pleased. He would recommend DCFL to friends because the facilities and programs are outstanding. The Exercise Physiologists are always ready to help clients and all have a friendly attitude!

July 2017 – John Stell

John was born and raised in Newark, NY, a small town upstate near Lake Ontario. He attended the College of Forestry at Syracuse University, where he joined the Air Force ROTC program. Upon graduation, he was commissioned as an officer in the Air Force. In the Air Force, he went through the flight training program and worked in jet fighters. Over his first 12 years, John flew a variety of fighter aircraft. He flew 164 combat missions in the F-105, many over North Vietnam. He and his wife love to travel, and were fortunate that over half of his 30-year career was spent in other countries including England, Germany, Iran, Turkey, Korea, Thailand, and Bolivia.

John was not involved in sports, aside from track, in school. His career in the Air Force however encouraged him to stay fit, which he had done his entire adult life. For John and his wife, one of the deciding factors when they moved into Galloway Ridge was DCFL. He joined immediately after moving in 2015.

John walks briskly for about 4 miles, 3 days per week. He alternates his walking days with a circuit on the weight machines. He used to run more, but has since eased up to avoid his knee giving him trouble. Walking, with the occasional jog, gets the job done!

John is motivated to continue exercising for a variety of reasons. First, it keeps his weight stable, since he likes to eat! (Who doesn’t?!) Exercise also makes him feel better, and it helps stave off, or slow mental decline. Having DCFL close by with its professional staff and fellow members leads to a sense of camaraderie which also keeps him motivated. He hates to miss a good workout!

John would certainly recommend DCFL to others in the area. DCFL is well outfitted with equipment and professional personnel, and is in a great location. There are numerous classes too that are suitable for individuals of all fitness levels.

June 2017 – Sue Blaustein

Sue moved to the Galloway Ridge-Fearrington community in June 2016 after calling Chapel Hill home for 30 years. Sports and fitness have always been a big part of Sue’s life. As a youngster in New York, she was pulled into sports by her older brother. In high school, Sue lettered in basketball, volleyball and softball. While attending the University of Pittsburgh, Sue stayed active in club sports and established a life-long love of taking long walks and hikes with friends.

As a working mom, she always made time for walking and jogging; she also fell in love with racket/paddle sports, especially tennis. Family camping, biking and hiking became additional active hobbies. Sue is now a member of DCFL and loves the fact that access to the center’s programs are literally at her back door. The nice part of going to DCFL classes is that the trainers are especially good at pointing out how to modify exercises to accommodate each person’s limitations. Sue admits that although she is as active as she has always been, she has had to make some concessions to the age of her knees and other joints.

Sue currently walks five-six miles most days and takes a variety of DCFL classes each week. These include Full Body Stretch, Zumba, Chair Pilates and more. Sue also enjoys the special dance (e.g. belly dancing) classes, and she attends various fitness clinics offered throughout the year. Through the Galloway Ridge Wellness Team, Sue has taken hikes on various sections of the American Tobacco Trail and classes like Orienteering and Scottish dancing. Sue’s guiding light, when it comes to fitness, is the advice her niece (a fitness manager) shared with her years ago: If you are trying to figure out what fitness routine is best for you, the answer is that the best routine is the one that you actually want to do (as long as you do it)!

May 2017 – Kelsey Buckner

Kelsey is a Pittsboro native, born and raised! She went to PACE Academy High School, then The Body Therapy Institute for Massage. She is currently a local massage therapist and yoga teacher.

Kelsey joined DCFL after a friend brought her one day as a guest. She has been hooked since, and has been a member for about two years. Her grandmother is also a member.

Her workout routine consists of “a little bit of everything,” but strength training is her favorite. She loves feeling the power in her muscles, especially since they support her in massage.

Her motivation comes from having fun! She enjoys her time in the gym, and loves knowing that she is strong and healthy. Through exercise she has lost fat, gained muscle, and improved her cardiovascular system! By taking the time to be her own wellness advocate, she will be rewarded not only now, but in the future.

Exercising not only keeps her physically balanced, but helps the mind as well. DCFL gives Kelsey a place where she can leave everything at the door. She says, “A good workout can train a bad day away”.

Kelsey stays busy with school, work, and exercise, but also enjoys making soap, and spending time with her boyfriend and cats. She would recommend DCFL to others because she knows that there are highly trained and skilled professionals at her fingertips. She recommends us to her friends all the time!

April 2017 – Nancy Jenkins

Nancy was born and raised just down the road in Raleigh. She went to school at UNC for Physical Therapy and calls herself a “rabid” Carolina basketball fan! Her father played JV basketball at Carolina, so she became a Tarheel fan at a very young age. She regularly attends games with her son, Jason who lives in Raleigh.

Her first job as a PT was at Rex Hospital in Raleigh. She then worked in St. Louis for 8 years before going back to school in 2001 to become a pastor. She was ordained in 2007 and first worked as a hospital chaplain at a continuing care facility in Savannah, where she loved it and all the people she met! Her last call was in Hagerstown, MD as a congregational minister, where she spent 5 years before moving to Fearrington Village in January of 2013.

Nancy has three children and four grandchildren. She also has some furry children at home: her rescued dog, Sprout, and her cat, Cobi. In her spare time she loves to garden, read, and travel. She has been on two South African safaris and considered living abroad in retirement. Her favorite book is currently A Dog’s Purpose.

Nancy is fairly new to DCFL. She originally joined because the doctor told her she would either have to lose weight or start taking insulin. Since joining in January, she has already lost 20 pounds! While it was originally about the weight loss, Nancy says she is motivated to continue exercising by the way she feels overall, and that now she needs smaller clothes! She loves to walk both at the DCFL and with her dog. She says DCFL has a wonderful atmosphere, and great people!

March 2017 – Meyer Liberman

Meyer Liberman was born and raised in Manhattan, NY where he lived for 62 years. While he had early aspirations to become a teacher, he ended up majoring in Economics at Oberlin College in 1951.  He then obtained a Master of Arts in American History from Columbia University in 1952.

Meyer found a career in business, which included retail management and a travel and tour company which he founded.  His travel company, headquartered in Manhattan, specialized in African Safaris. His company sent about 20,000 travelers to Africa over 20 years. At the age of 62, he moved to Chapel Hill and did real estate work in the Triangle. He stayed in Chapel Hill for 20 years before moving to Fearrington 5 years ago.  Meyer has been involved in sports and physical activities such as skiing, tennis, golf, and squash his whole life, as well as running marathons until the age of 60!  Upon moving to Fearrington, he immediately joined the DCFL.

Meyer works out three times per week on the aerobic machines, does lots of stretching, and makes sure to spend some time in the “wonderful” spa. He also indulges in the occasional massage from Jane.  He says that while his marathon days are over, he is motivated to remain in the best shape he can and keep the good days rolling! He has one daughter, Elyse, who is also a member for the DCFL, as is his wife, Roni.  Of all the health clubs he has belonged to, Meyer says the DCFL ranks high. The facility, as well as the friendliness of the staff and members at the DCFL make it a highlight of Meyer’s activities each week.

February 2017 – Terry Ransbury

Originally from Western NY State, I moved to the Triangle area in 1996 to be near my kids and eventually grandkids.  My late wife and I moved to Galloway Ridge in 2007 from Holly Springs, NC and I have called this place home ever since. My first career was as a Health and Physical Education teacher and coach for high school and college students primarily in NY State. I coached basketball, football and track & field athletes and was fortunate to have had several undefeated seasons over the years.  I was honored to be inducted into the Sports Halls of Fame at State University of New York at Brockport, as well as Silver Creek and Clarence High Schools.  My second career was as scout for the Buffalo Bills and Chicago Bears professional football teams.  Before teaching, I also served in the United States Army 82nd Airborne Division back in the 1950’s. As a student athlete, avid golfer and teacher/coach, physical fitness has always been a priority of mine, so coming to DCFL was a natural fit.  I’ve been coming to work out off and on for the past 9 years as a resident of Galloway Ridge and member of DCFL. I try to get some exercise in every day whether walking, strength-training, stretching or calisthenics.  In this past year, I’ve been working in one-on-one personal training sessions with Jamie and they have served as a bridge from physical therapy sessions I was doing after recovering from a fall last year.  This one-on-one time has helped keep me motivated and focused to gain back strength, balance and mobility that I lost because of the fall.  My dream is to get back on the golf course one day!

Seeing continued improvement keeps me motivated to coming back.  I also rely on the expert advice of my trainer to keep me on the right track. Coming to DCFL has helped with balance, strength, heart health and general well-being, and working out is an important part of my week. The facilities here are very nice and in addition, the staff and trainers are also top-notch!  It is a great place to work out.  I have and would recommend DCFL to others and have enjoyed my time here.

January 2017 – John and Emily Cocowitch

John & Emily Cocowitch moved to Fearrington Village in October of 2015 from Prince William County, Virginia after living 25 years in the DC metro area.  This move followed John’s 2nd retirement from the Department of the Navy (DON) as a Federal Civilian Employee at the Marine Corps Systems Command, Quantico, VA for 13 years where he was a senior Program Manager and member of the Defense Acquisition Community. The son of a career Naval Aviator, John was born in Washington, DC but lived in VA, CA, FL, ME, RI, NC and Canada during his Dad’s 31 year career. He is a graduate of Georgia Tech but holds multiple additional Master’s degrees.

Emily is a native Tar Heel, growing up in Raleigh, NC. She is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill and began her teaching career in Virginia Beach, VA where she met John, who was serving as a mine and bomb disposal officer. She continued to teach elementary school and worked in both public and law libraries in Northern Virginia. John & Emily began their Navy life together in 1974 in a 30 year active duty career that took them to Hawaii, California, Maryland, Virginia, and England.

They have two grown, married sons and seven grandchildren under the age of 6 years. They joined DCFL soon after moving to Fearrington. They wanted to continue their fitness activities, plus many of their new acquaintances recommended that they join. Emily enjoys the group classes and is a regular participant in cardio, CORE, Strong & Limber, and Total Body Stretch. John uses the track, the Keiser machines and the pool.  The group camaraderie, superb equipment, fabulous instructors and the act of staying fit, keep us motivated. Staying active and engaged with fitness and other people, gives a sense of well-being and health. They definitely recommend the DCFL for the Fun, Fitness and Friendship!

December 2016 – Sheila Peluso

Sheila grew up in Brooklyn, New York and attended Brooklyn College where she studied Economics. After college she went to work in quality control for Coca Cola which led her to working in quality control for a pharmaceutical company. Sheila went back to school to get her graduate degree in Statistics from Rutgers and met her husband while doing it! After school she continued her career working in the pharmaceutical industry as a data analyst for clinical trials. Sheila moved to North Carolina in 2001 and has been here ever since!

Sheila originally started exercising at UNC Wellness at Meadowmont after completing physical therapy there. She eventually joined DCFL in 2009 because it was a more convenient commute from home, and she’s now been a member with us for over 7 years! Sheila enjoys swimming in the pool, trying out new classes, and she recently started resistance training with one of our personal trainers. She says the desire to improve her walking and overall physical fitness keeps her motivated to continue. Sheila is always trying out new classes and attending clinics to learn new exercises and ways to challenge herself despite the challenges she faces with her leg injury. You may find Sheila swimming in the pool, in a group exercise class or working out on the machines. If you see her tell her to keep up the great work!

November 2016 – Matthew Leavitt

Matthew is originally from New York City but has lived in Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Maine, and now resides in Fearrington Village. His first career was in survey and market research and in his second career he owned computer stores while residing in Maine. Matthew originally joined DCFL because it was recommended he start a non weight-bearing exercise program to alleviate some of his back pain. He started working out in the pool, then he added yoga classes to his routine and then cardio machines.

He now combines all three and has been a member with us for 7 years! Matthew has lost 40 pounds since he first joined DCFL and is motivated to continue his program here so he can keep his weight down and extend the productive part of his life. Matthew says he frequently recommends DCFL to others because of its friendly staff, great yoga classes, variety of other classes, pool, hot tub, and state of the art equipment. You can find Matthew getting his 45 minutes of cardio in on the treadmill or the Arc trainer, balancing on the BOSU ball, relaxing in the hot tub or a yoga class.

If you see him, tell him to keep up the great work!

October 2016 – Phyllis and Richard Beane

Phyllis is a Jersey girl but has spent most her life in North Carolina. She was a school teacher in New Jersey, Washington D.C., and in Rochester, NY. Phyllis also served as a volunteer on several school boards and commissions in Chapel Hill and Orange County. Richard was born in Roanoke, VA and has worked as a private practice Orthodontist for many years. He also has taught college full and part-time throughout his career and is currently on the adjunct faculty at UNC.

Phyllis and Richard have been members at DCFL for three years now and love that it is a close and convenient commute from home. They both believe that exercise is the key to well-being and work to maintain physical and mental health with an active, independent life style. Phyllis and Richard say that their regular attendance at DCFL has helped them maintain their well-being and the variety of excellent classes and programs keeps them motivated to continue. They believe that the staff is wonderful, well trained, helpful and encouraging, and would definitely recommend DCFL to others. You may see Phyllis in one of the many aqua aerobics classes, Yoga, or stretch classes. The aqua classes are her favorite and she believes that there is something medicinal about them. You can find Richard working on one of the exercise machines, lifting free weights, in the pool, or running on the indoor track. He finds the free weights most beneficial for building and maintaining upper body strength.  Next time you see Richard and Phyllis be sure to say hello and keep up the great work!

September 2016 – Claire H. Brown

Claire was born in Westport, Connecticut where she spent many years of her childhood and teenage years. She also spent three years of school in Montreal, Canada where she attended a French convent and quickly learned to speak French because it was mandatory to do so at the dinner table or you didn’t eat. After high school Claire joined the US Marine Corps and was stationed in Santa Ana, California for two years. After the Marines, Claire worked in early television for the BBDO advertising agency for twelve years.

Claire and her husband raised many kids and after the youngest was gone she went back to school at age 48 and attended the University of Connecticut at Stamford where she studied English Literature. Claire became a role model for women going back to school and ended up graduating Phi Beta Kappa. She even has the necklace to prove it! After winning a battle with lung cancer, Claire’s doctor suggested DCFL. She joined in 2005 and has been exercising with us every since. Claire says the fear of stopping keeps her motivated to continue and it must be working because at age 92 she’s still going strong! You can find Claire keeping the fitness instructors on their toes in the Senior Fitness classes and if you see her, ask her to tell you a joke, she knows a few good ones.

August 2016 – Gary Piontak and Ken Edwards

Ken and Gary AKA “Huff and Puff”, both hail from Chicago where they wrestled junkyard dogs, sang the blues, and befriended Bad Bad Leroy Brown. Gary first joined DCFL as an employee of the Member Services team.

Gary worked for us for two years and since retiring he has become a regular face here at DCFL. He noticed while working at DCFL there were a lot of heavy things to pick up in the gym, so naturally he decided it would be a good goal to pick them all up and put them back down. He’s still hard at work. Gary is motivated by the faces he sees at the gym. “They are doing as much as they can for as long as they can.” He’s very grateful to the personal trainer at DCFL that gave him the skills to swim open water…and best of all, he likes the way he looks in those tinted goggles.

Ken is naturally adventurous so he rightfully joined DCFL on a quest for a new adventure. Ken has been “living the dream” with us for three and a half years now. He says equal parts fear and vanity keep him motivated to continue, as well as seeing others older than himself continue to stay fit no matter their physical or mental challenges. You can find Huff and Puff working hard lifting all the heavy weights here at DCFL, or you may see them zoom by on a run around Fearrington. Don’t blink or you’ll miss them. They are terrific members and an inspiration to watch, so if you see them, tell them to keep up the hard work!

July 2016 – Gerry Taschabold

Gerry recently moved to Pittsboro with his wife in 2013 from southern Maryland after retiring from a 44 year career in Naval Engineering. During his career Gerry worked for the Department of Defense, the U.S. Navy, and Northrup Grumman on projects to modernize naval warships and airplanes such as the V-22 Osprey. In his last job, Gerry worked as a consultant to the maintenance staff of the Navy’s Blue Angels. He is most proud of his work in helping to design the USS Bunker Hill, the San Antonio-class amphibious ship, and the Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier.

Gerry joined DCFL this past August after being introduced during his first physical therapy session. He was very impressed with the facility, pool, whirlpool, indoor track, and felt it would be great to help him continue his exercise after completing physical therapy. Gerry is motivated to be as fit as he can at his age and with a disability. Since being at DCFL he has seen results in better maintenance of his weight and has more agility and self confidence. He really enjoys meeting like-minded people with interesting stories and has become friends with many members and staff at DCFL. He has also enjoyed learning in classes such as Total Brain Health and Healthy Cooking. You can find Gerry pedaling away on one of the recumbent bikes, Nu-Steps, walking on the track upstairs, or in the pool.

June 2016 – Ray and Cathy Morehead

Ray and Cathy recently moved to North Carolina this past March from West Virginia. Ray writes computer code and Cathy’s professional background is in healthcare. Both Ray and Cathy joined DCFL the day they moved here and love it because it is a beautiful facility within such close proximity to their house. They love that everyone knows their name when they come in and are constantly meeting new people and making new connections.

Exercise has been a big part of Ray and Cathy’s routine for many years. They say that it is easy to stay motivated at DCFL because there is a great variety of classes and the staff is always helpful if you need some new ideas for your routine. They are motivated to stay as fit as possible for as long as they can and have been seeing great results since they joined DCFL. You may see Ray hard at work lifting weights, on the elliptical, or in spin class. You can find Cathy swimming laps in the pool or taking Pilates, Yoga, and Tai Chi classes. She also just finished our first Total Brain Health: Brain Workout class, and enjoyed it very much!

May 2016 – Teenie Sanders

Teenie grew up in Montclair, New Jersey. She was a stay at home mom of 5 children. Teenie joined DCFL when the center first opened and has been a member for 10 years. She joined because she had a stroke and lost some of her vision. She needed a place to workout where help was available when she needed it. She loves to walk on the treadmill and also works with a personal trainer 3 times per week on strength, core, and balance exercises.

Teenie appreciates the motivation of the staff. She was never a great athlete growing up, and really enjoys what she does in the gym. Teenie doesn’t let her limitations with vision interfere with her exercise routine. Teenie says her health and wellbeing are great because of DCFL, and that she would go back to being a couch potato if she didn’t have this great facility. She highly recommends DCFL to others and says the staff is awesome!