What Are Wellness Seminars?

Wellness Seminars are 30-minute informative sessions designed by the Fitness Team to answer questions and provide you with fresh ideas and proven methods to improve your exercise program. These Seminars are free and open to DCFL members, guests, and the community, so feel free to bring a friend! Space is limited—registration is required. Register through the DCFL Online Member Portal, stop by the Member Services Desk, or call DCFL at (919) 545-2133.

Upcoming Wellness Seminars:

All About Sleep from A to Zzz

Sleep is essential to health and well-being.  People work hard to structure their exercise, nutrition, and other aspects of wellness, but often neglect their sleep quality or quantity!  Come to this seminar to learn more about sleep and catching your Zzz’s!

Friday, January 4th, 12:30pm

Perfecting Your Posture

Posture is more than just outward appearance. Poor posture can contribute to serious health problems like poor circulation, chest pain, anxiety, and more. Make improving your posture a goal for 2019 and learn how to keep looking and feeling your best!

Tuesday, January 15th, 4:45pm

Your Hips Don’t Lie: The Importance of Strong Hips

Hip strength is essential for efficient movement throughout your day. Not only are the hips the primary force producing joints of the lower body, they also provide support to maintain balance and stability. Come ready to move as you will learn exercises to keep your hips strong and stable!

Tuesday, January 22nd, 12:15pm