What Are Wellness Seminars?

Wellness Seminars are 30-minute informative sessions designed by the Fitness Team to answer questions and provide you with fresh ideas and proven methods to improve your exercise program. These Seminars are free and open to DCFL members, guests, and the community, so feel free to invite a friend!

In-Person Wellness Seminars

In-person seminars will be held in the group exercise studio. Space is limited – registration is required. Register through the Online Member Portal or Member Services at 919-545-2133.

Virtual Wellness Seminars

All virtual seminars will be held on Zoom using the Meeting ID 870 1228 7235. No password required.

Upcoming Wellness Seminars:

May Wellness Seminars:

Step On It: An Intro to Power Walking – Stephanie

Come to this seminar to learn about power walking and some of the benefits. Find out ways to incorporate more steps into your daily life and how you can participate in DCFL’s Walk 10k Challenge!

Friday, May 6th at 11:30am, In- Person

Caffeine, Help or Hindrance? – Ethan

This seminar will discuss both the pros and the cons of caffeine consumption for health and athletic performance. It will take a look at what the proper dosage is for performance, how much is too much, caffeine amounts found in common drinks and food and caffeine’s effect on sleep.

Wednesday, May 18th at 1:15pm, In- Person

Are you Safety Savvy? – Tina Owen, Personal Safety Specialist

Join Personal Safety Specialist, Tina Owen, to sharpen your everyday personal safety skills and find out if you’re being influenced by the “Normalcy Bias.” After this seminar, you should feel empowered to keep yourself safe in an unpredictable world.    

Monday, May 23rd at 12:00pm, In- Person