What Are Wellness Seminars?

Wellness Seminars are 30-minute informative sessions designed by the Fitness Team to answer questions and provide you with fresh ideas and proven methods to improve your exercise program. These Seminars are free and open to DCFL members, guests, and the community, so feel free to invite a friend!

In-Person Wellness Seminars

In-person seminars will be held in the group exercise studio. Space is limited – registration is required. Register through the Online Member Portal or Member Services at 919-545-2133.

Virtual Wellness Seminars

All virtual seminars will be held on Zoom using the Meeting ID 870 1228 7235. No password required.

Upcoming Wellness Seminars:

January Wellness Seminars:

Is the Digital World Giving You Tech Neck? – Dr. Jessica Tomkoski, PT

In this seminar, we will discuss common reasons for neck pain, provide helpful tips on how you can adjust your environment to reduce joint strain, and practice some easy stretches you can use to maintain mobility and help prevent neck pain.

Tuesday, January 11th at 9:30am, In- Person

Power Plate Basics – Julie

This versatile, vibrating platform can be used for strengthening, stretching, balance and more! Attend this seminar to learn the advantages of working this piece of equipment into your exercise program.

Friday, January 14th at 12:45pm, In- Person

Core without the Floor – Stephanie

Most people believe you have to be lying on the floor to train the core muscles. Come to this seminar to find out how you can work the same muscles without getting on the floor.

Monday, January 24th at 12:00pm, In- Person